Walking around downtown Port Arthur, it’s pretty likely that you’ll see this fella! I caught him perusing the art at the Y-art Sale over the summer. In the picture you can see him looking over some artwork, and he’s holding some coffee from St Paul’s Roastery, and wearing a Cancer Bats tshirt.

Local art, locally roasted coffee, local music; Steve is very passionate about supporting local establishments and artisans whenever he can.

Steve used to work sound for various rock shows in Montreal, but he’s lived in Thunder Bay for many years now. He leads a somewhat quieter life, but he still loves music. He is both a local music fan and a classic rock and metal fan.

His love for music is matched only by his love for friends and family. Even if he’s low on funds, Steve will do anything he can to help out. He often helps out his friends and various business owners in the downtown area.

Thank you Steve for always having a smile and a kind word for my family. We enjoy seeing you around as you go about your day!

Keep rocking and stay safe!

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