Earlier in the month, I went exploring with two of my favourite people, Number 260 and my friend Ashley (she’ll be featured at a later date).

We had a specific destination in mind: Pigeon River Provincial Park, formerly Middle Falls Campground.

Camping here was a summer tradition for mine and Ashley’s families, from early childhood to our mid-teen years. Then the park was closed to campers, but we kept going back. We had to keep checking the level of deterioration in the buildings and the level of growth over the paths and campsites.

Over the years, the camping facilities returned to nature and indications of civilization crumbled and disappeared. Our most recent jaunt down Highway 593 revealed a park almost completely unrecognizable. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking.

So, while it’s not really much of a park anymore, it’s still a lovely place to have a hike and perhaps a picnic. My little group met up with a lovely couple who were using the park for just such a purpose. It was surprising, lovely, and totally heartwarming.

In previous years, if I met up with someone enjoying “my” park, I would experience a strange feeling of annoyance. Like, this is my park! My spot! My memories are here and you should leave!

Such silliness of course. I know a lot of people have memories scattered all throughout the backwoods and I’m delighted to share.

I’m very glad we were able to share part of our afternoon with Ian and Jean.

That day, Ian and Jean were the epitome of peace and enjoyment.

Shared memories with my lifelong best friend; introducing memories to my love; a delightful wilderness meeting: my heart felt happy and full.

The forest is powerful and alive with magic.

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