We’ve got ourselves a Winnipeg gal here, folks!

Well, a former Winnipeg gal.

Kim was born and raised in Winnipeg with a younger brother (who is now much taller than her). Sadly, their mom passed away in 2000 after a fairly short battle with breast cancer. It’s so incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a parent. Kim is quite fortunate to have gained three amazing step siblings when her dad found new love and remarried in 2005.

Life is often about goodbyes and hellos. In 2006, Kim said goodbye to Winnipeg and hello to Thunder Bay. Her biggest hello in life came when she said hello to her wonderful son a few years after moving to town! I hear he’s quite magnificent!

Another great hello was meeting her partner Kevin a few years ago. He’s a busy guy. You might remember him as Number Fifty-Six.

His information is so out of date, as is the picture of his haircut; an update will be necessary one day…

Kim and Kevin are a busy couple! They’re in charge of the Wednesday night trivia events at the Foundry; that’s where I snapped these photos:

A little blurry, but she’s moving fast! That’s life as a busy mom, partner, and nursing student. Up until recently, Kim was in school for nursing but is now taking a break to work full time as a PSW.

Amidst the wonderful chaos of life, one of Kim’s favourite things to do is sew and create! She is incredibly talented at making costumes and gave me permission to share these photos:

The first two are a lovely take on Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. The last is one of the best takes on Mortician and Gomez Addams I’ve ever seen.

Thank you Kim for being such a great member of our community. I look forward to every goodbye with you because I know I’ll get to say another hello very soon after.

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