Unless you haven’t left the house in several months (and that is entirely possible), then you probably know about the local election coming up.

Online voting and early poles have been open for about a week but “Election Day” is October 22nd.

I’m not familiar with all the candidates but there are a few who I’ve officially thrown my support behind.

If you’re wondering who to vote for, I’d encourage you to consider the following candidates:

Counsellor At Large

Kim Ducharme

She is engaged and approachable; she will listen to your concerns. She loves Thunder Bay. Read about her platform here.


Jim Stadey

A business owner with an incredible work ethic. He is always willing to help out his friends, family, and people who are struggling. Read about his platform here.


Margaret Wanlin

I do not know her personally but she has a lot of important work experience and is pretty dedicated to erasing harmful stereotyping and racism. Platform.


Peng You

I do not know him personally but he is so full of love and enthusiasm for this city. He immigrated here many years ago and adopted us all. Platform.


McKellar Ward

Brian Hamilton

In recent years, Brian has proven over and over how much he loves and how much he cares. His dedication is contagious and I believe he will work very hard for the city he loves. Platform.


Public School Board Trustee

Ryan Sitch

A devoted father and husband, and a good friend. I know, without a doubt, he’ll work hard to ensure our children are given access to information they deserve and need. Think, comprehensive sex Ed and learning about bullying and consent. Platform.


Ryan Moore

I’ve only met him a few times, but I am friends with his wife. They are a lovely family who care deeply about the children in our community. Platform.


Pat Johansen

I’ve seen first hand over the last thirty years how dedicated this candidate is to her family, her friends, and to kids everywhere. She’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. Platform.


Other candidates that I can’t vote for, but I would if I could:

Wesley Ramage – McIntyre Ward

David George Noonan – Red River Ward

Shelby Ch’ng – Northward

Andrew Foulds – Current River Ward

Kristin Oliver – Westport Ward

Lawrence Badanai – Catholic School Board

I haven’t read anything about the Neebing Ward so I can’t make an endorsement there. I’m also at a loss when it comes to voting for the mayor, which of course, is the biggest vote. There are so many candidates but I haven’t followed closely and I’m undecided and overwhelmed.

Diversity matters to me. I think it’s important to vote for people who have ideas that match progress and open-mindedness. I believe it’s important to vote for women and people of colour. We need to eradicate racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. Counsel needs representation that covers all people, not just (to put it very bluntly) older white men.

In years to come, there will be more and more diverse candidates offering themselves up for public service. The elections that my children vote in will look much different than they do today.

Sometimes things seem hopeless, but I need to remain HOPEFUL. Changes are happening (sometimes very slowly) and that’s a good thing.

Remember to vote on Monday. If you haven’t received your voter card (I did not), then you can go to city hall and register (or re-register) with the clerk (as I did). Bring photo ID and something that proves your address.

Or show up at a polling station with your ID and address proof to cast.

Don’t give up your vote because you didn’t get a card and don’t give up your vote because you’re indifferent or apathetic. Every vote, even yours, matters.

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