I met a lovely person the other day when I visited Thunder Bay’s newest health care facility!

Hellooooo Janice!

Janice was born and raised in Thunder Bay and plans to stay here for life! She attended Lakehead University and graduated with a BA in geography.

In her spare time, Janice spends A LOT of time at camp, hanging with family and friends, playing games/cards, and walking.

Janice is a mother to two teenagers and one dog named Mavi. Her husband’s name is Jamey; they live in Current River and they LOVE it.

I myself love that their names both start with J because I live for alliteration.

Janice says she began working in administration after falling in love with the care she received from her midwives.

Janice says, “I’m SUPER PUMPED to be a part of the Umbrella/Oak Medical Arts team!”

I’m pretty pumped about that too, Janice!

And I can’t wait to tell you all about Umbrella!

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