When I relocated earlier in the year, I didn’t know I’d be moving (almost) next door to one of the best coffee shops in town!

At this point, you must have seen the articles about Bay Village Coffee and the new owners, but if you haven’t, keep reading!

Alan and Gary!

I have never once gone into Bay Village without being greeted warmly by one or both of these fellas.

Gary is the bald beauty, and Alan is the bearded beauty. They both wear amazing shirts that cause severe, though short-lived, bursts of jealousy.

Gary and Alan were both born and raised in Port Arthur. They met in 2002 and have been together ever since. They got married ten after their first meeting; they love doting on their Chihuahuas Diego and Xiomara (rescue pups from Palm Springs, California), eating good food and hosting amazing parties for people they love.

Early in the year, Gary and Alan were discussing regular married couple things: hopes and dreams and all that fun stuff! Both had recently experienced work-life changes that made them think it might be time to try something new. They talked about what they would do if they owned a coffee shop/restaurant; soon they had an entire business plan mapped out!

Then things fell into place: a location opened up and their job situations became clearer. They decided to go for it. Hosting home parties to hosting coffee shop parties was such a natural step. They took possession of the location in June, renovated, and opened up again in July.

The staff are polite and friendly and skilled, as are Gary and Alan. The coffee (beans from this guy) is delicious and the food is so good! The atmosphere of inclusive acceptance is welcomed and appreciated by the customers.

I’ve yet to meet anybody with anything negative to say about the Bay Village experience. I love being able to walk down the street in the morning (sometimes in my pyjamas) and know I’ll be given a great cup of coffee, which is only surpassed by the great smiles.

Look at Gary, busy getting the food for his customers!

Oh wait, I think he’s doing dishes…

Here’s Alan bringing me the good stuff! (the good stuff being the amazing summer coffee sparklers)

And this? Well this is just cute…

Locally roasted coffee, homemade food, an inclusive safe environment, cheerful people, local art on the walls…

Bay Village Coffee is a must see and a must drink!

Please visit if you can!

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