I said no more “people profiles” until the new year but I couldn’t resist jumping back on the blog to talk about Michaela!


…it’s her birthday today!!!

I love the above pictures of Michaela stirring a pot. She’s a dietician so it just makes sense for her to be around food!

She also has a great smile! I’ve met her a few times and it’s literally impossible not to smile back at her. It’s contagious I think.

Michaela was born and raised in Winnipeg but relocated to Thunder Bay after studying at the University of Manitoba.

She is now making her home here, helping people with nutrition and making jewelry in her spare time.

Michaela is very into ultimate frisbee and her team won nationals this year. I had no idea there were national ultimate frisbee competitions. I bet you didn’t either!

Thank you Michaela! I hope you have an amazing birthday! Best wishes in 2019!

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