Last spring I was bragging about how my former Westfort friend had become my Port Arthur pal!

Nine months after writing about Andrea, I’d like to introduce her husband Brad.

Brad was born ALMOST FORTY YEARS AGO right here in Thunder Bay. He grew up with two brothers and loved making music from an early age.

After high school, Brad made the trek out west to British Columbia. It was there that he met Andrea and they had a lovely life full of music, parties, travel, great food, and a whole lotta fun!

In 2009, they welcomed a darling daughter and started thinking about moving the family to Thunder Bay: back to Brad’s homeland to be close to grandparents.

2011 was the year of the big move, the year that brought this lovely little family to the colder land of Lake Superior.

Look at them being all cozy!

Also, it’s really important that you look at this dog! Little Barbara joined the family about five years ago.

I want one! Is she even real???

Brad worked with his dad for awhile, then moved to working as a personal support worker. He continues to play music and is the guitarist and vocalist for a local band called Alienator.

Last year I caught Brad trying some brightly coloured drinks at the Red Lion.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about that last one there…

But I’m sure about how I feel!

I feel that Brad is a kind and compassionate human being. He works hard, he loves his family, he seeks to do what is right and what is good.

He is a wonderful role model for his daughter. He might seem reserved and serious, but I’ve heard rumours that he can cut loose and get silly.

Thank you Brad.

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