He wasn’t born here, but apparently he’s been in Thunder Bay for so long that we might as well call him a Thunder Bayer.

He says people know him wherever he goes. I didn’t know his name was John (or Johnny if you’re being more casual), but I have met him before! At a funeral. At lots of funerals actually.

He works at Sargent & Son Funeral Home as the Assistant Director. This means he does a bit of everything, including welcoming patrons into the facility.

Funerals aren’t generally a happy occasion, but it’s quite nice to be greeted by a tall man in a dark suit with a big smile.

Now… if you’ll pardon me… I’ve always wanted to say this:


(I bet he’s never heard that before)

John was a bouncer/doorman at various clubs around town for many years and he was good at his job. I believe the phrase “making money hand-over-fist was used more than once during our conversation!

He likes the quiet life now: good friends and a long career at a respected funeral home. After a long day at work, John likes to stop off at one of his favourite pubs for a drink to unwind. Frida Kahlo in the background let’s us know that Johnny likes the Madhouse!

It was nice to officially meet you, John. It was sincerely a pleasure hearing you laugh and cackle. A warm person on a cold day!

I’ve been told, “You’ll never meet a nicer guy than Johnny!”

I think I believe it!


  1. Thats my dad!! he’s the most amazing father ever! <3 <3
    -Noelle Brady

    1. Author

      AWESOME! Sorry, I didn’t write about family members because it didn’t come up in the conversation. I’m glad you’ve got an amazing dad, warms my heart!

      1. All good 😀 I’m very lucky to have him as a father.

  2. John works for my nephews at Sargent and Sons. He always greets you with a smile and I guess because I am family, he gives a warm hug. He is a great ambassador for the funeral home and for the city. A truly unique individual!

    1. Author

      He’s definitely a great ambassador because I did remember him! Lovely person!

  3. I’ve known Johnny for a long time naw he is a gentleman and is a gents sole and a amazing cook I am proud to call him a friend

  4. I no longer live in Thunder Bay, nor was I from there. But I knew Johny for a long time while I did live there. I worked with him, when he was a bouncer. Great guy to work with a be around. It was very nice to consider him a friend then and even now.

  5. I have known John for long time now and more years to come. He always has a smile and makes me laugh. Proud to have you as a friend and forever .

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