Amanda was born and raised in Thunder Bay with one younger brother and a dog named Cheeko!

After high school, Amanda studied hair dressing at the Aveda Institute in Winnipeg. That was in 2017, now she’s back here working full time at Pneumaticity as a junior stylist.

In her free time, Amanda likes to paint, draw, bake, see any and all local shows at Black Pirates Pub, and tell everybody about how cute her gecko Noodles is.

I first met Amanda at the Craft Revival last fall where she was selling some of her baking. Baking with sugar and gluten alternatives is really important to Amanda because she strives to eat within a clean eating framework, and that includes her treats.

I definitely tried some of those cookies and they definitely tasted amazing. I think Amanda hopes to do more sales in the future and perhaps start up a small business.

Amanda was recently part of a very special annual event called Derelicte!

It’s a fundraiser organized by Def Sup and held at Black Pirates Pub every January.

Artists are invited to submit designs for wearable art and clothing retailers and designers are invited to model what is available for sale.

Amanda’s boss, Susan, at Pneumaticity had a few people model her clothing designs and the results were quite striking!

Or as Amanda put it, “I looked wild!”

Photography by Keegan Richard (used with permission).

Makeup by Sarah from Pneumaticity.

Hair by Wendy from Pneumaticity (We’ll meet her later!).

Outfit by Susan of Derkestyle Design and Pneumaticity.

I feel like we need one more picture of Amanda with her eyebrows in place and her regular hair….

Beautiful and wild, with or without the eyebrows! I can’t wait to see what this dazzling young lady does next!

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