Ashley comes from a long line of Thunder Bay folks. Her parents and grandparents are from Thunder Bay; she and her younger brother spent holidays visiting and celebrating with huge extended families on both sides.

My dad and Ashley’s dad started working at the (late) Abitibi mill together in the 1970’s and our families have been close ever since.

She is a beloved auntie to my children!

After High school, Ashley went to university in BC, but then came back to Thunder Bay for more University. After graduating, she went back to BC with the intention of setting down roots. She worked for many years in a cancer research laboratory.

But last year she pulled up the BC roots and set off to work in a lab in Germany!

She’s always loved to travel and living in Europe allows her to see all the places she dreams of seeing, but now a lot of it is within driving distance!

This summer Ashley came back to visit, as she often does. With so much family in Thunder Bay, including an adorable nephew, I know we’ll be able to keep visiting with this amazing jet setter; this talented scientist!

After Christmas, Ashley send me this picture of her and her German partner, Jürgen:

Do you see what they’re modelling? Representing Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. all the way in Mainz Germany!

Do you think the Northern Logger would go over well at an authentic Oktoberfest?

I think Jürgen approves so that’s at least one German fan of our local brew!

Thank you Ashley: an amazing Thunder Bay citizen who has always been ready to pick up and have adventures. My family is glad those adventures always seem to include her hometown.

Happy New Year! Frohes neues Jahr!

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