He’s basically Jeremiah Johnson, but occasionally his beard is shorter.

Raised by his mom and a bevy of aunts and uncles, Derek was born in Nipigon, spent his childhood in Saskatchewan, and moved to Thunder Bay at age 12. He has always enjoyed being active and being outdoors and has always enjoyed good food.

Being outdoors and eating good food is a great way to describe Derek’s life actually… add in a bit of travel, some great friends, and a beautiful partner (pictured below) and you’d have a pretty accurate depiction.

I first met Derek years ago when my friend Lisa (we’ll meet her later in the year) introduced us. She described him as a handsome (obviously) outdoorsman with a big heart.

I’d have to agree.

Once he sets his mind to something, there really isn’t anything Derek can’t do. He’s been camping and hiking and fishing and hunting and building and fixing things for as long as he’s been walking (I mean, probably). He and Lisa and the pets live far out in the woods where they are slowly chipping away at creating an amazing off-the-grid homestead.

When he’s not working as a chef and working on the home, Derek enjoys saunas, camping at Quetico, and playing the didgeridoo.

This is my all-time favourite picture of Derek because I think it perfectly captures his underlying silly side:

Thanks Derek!!

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