Valentine’s Day is for looooverrrs!

It’s also mostly a made up holiday to get people buying candy and cards and flowers.

Yeah yeah yeah, St. Valentine was a real person. There’s history behind the day. I still say it’s a money-making fake holiday.

Having said that, if you want to celebrate love in all its forms either today or any day, then you should go for it!

Exhibit A: two lovebirds at a restaurant, celebrating the crap out of each other!

Ok, I know it’s not exactly a showcase of jubilation, but I did put them on the spot. Regardless, they are both pretty cute.

To the left, we see Nick. To the right, we see Lindsey.

Nick was born and raised in Thunder Bay with one younger brother. He is the General Manager of a pizza franchise; I bet he eats pizza every day!

Lindsey was born in Southern Ontario (also raised with one younger brother) and moved to Thunder Bay for school. She just finished two terms as the Vice President of advocacy for LUSU (Lakehead University Student Union).

Lindsey isn’t returning to work in the near future because…

She’s having a baby!

So yeah, we totally know what Nick and Lindsey have been doing…

That’s right! Buying baby clothes!

The amazing smile says it all. I love it!

Thank you folks for letting me rudely interrupt your dinner.

Oh wait, never mind! That’s a to-go container on the table! Dinner was done! I’m NOT an interrupter after all.

Congratulations on love and impending parenthood. It’s going to be difficult and exhausting but incredibly lovely and wonderful.

Happy day of love to everybody who celebrates!

Now, go buy discounted candy before it’s all gone!

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