Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Tuija has been making and creating since she was a young child. She graduated from Lakehead University (focusing on Women’s Studies, social justice, and visual arts) and then worked as a graduate assistant. Tuija spent the last decade involved in academia and is just recently moving from student life to full time artist.

While studying at Lakehead, Tuija was also working at The Foundry and helping get events like Craft Revival organized and running.

You might recognize the first picture as Tuija was recently featured in the Walleye and I’m a firm believer in the “two birds, one stone” method. A Walleye feature and a People of Port Arthur feature are the two birds; the single interview is the stone!

Side note: I don’t actually kill birds with stones. Or with anything else.

Tuija is pictured here in her home studio:

One of the best things about working from home (besides unlimited access to the refrigerator) is getting to spend all day with these cuties:

I’ll admit I was pretty taken with these magnificent feline beasts!

Tuija has been working at various artisan sales for many years now. Her work has been showcased at places like the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and the annual Derelicte Fashion Show. Her usage of natural fibres and repurposed fabrics make Tuija’s products and designs highly sought after. You can visit and peruse Tuija’s Facebook page and check in at this address for a soon-to-be-launched website!

Aside from making amazing clothing and creating art, Tuija enjoys spending time with her partner and his son, eating good food at amazing restaurants, traveling, shopping local, and hanging out with her fabulous group of friends.

Below you can see Tuija and some friends showing off the goods at the 2019 Derelicte fashion and wearable art show! It all looks so cozy and comfortable!! Thank you to Keegan Richard for the photos.

Tuija Hansen Fibre Design will be available for sale at the Ungali Clothing Co Clothing Collective, opening March 1st.


Here’s hoping your special day is full of magic and love. Good luck on your upcoming artist residency in Finland this summer!

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