Wild Women of Westfort Wednesday

Let me introduce you to two lovely ladies whom you won’t often see wandering the downtown Port Arthur area.

Oh sure, they come over here, but you’ll never catch them running through parking lots to Court St Renco at 7:50 pm because they suddenly have a craving for chips.

First up, we have Katy!

Katy and her husband moved from Sioux Lookout to Thunder Bay in 2007. Katy’s husband had a job opportunity and Katy decided to attend hair dressing school.

A few years later, they had a daughter, then another daughter, and then twin sons! That’s when I first met Katy, at Chippewa Park during Benny Birch’s Birthday with a bulging baby belly!

So it’s a pretty busy household with four kids. To make things more exciting, Katy and her family have a pug named Stanlee, a mutt named Bear, and old cat named Bailey, and a hamster named Zoom.

Katy has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Just last year, she became a team leader at one of the popular paint night companies. She’s quite talented! Being a zookeeper (or mom) to four kids and four pets has no doubt been terrific training for leading upwards of 30 people in group painting!


Now we need to say hello to Tara!

Helloooo Tara!

Tara moved from Fort Frances to Thunder Bay for teacher’s college. She spent a few years teaching and met and married an incredibly tall and long-haired fella by the name of Frederick.

When Tara and Fred wanted to have kids, Tara decided to put her teaching career on hold. They had two sons and Tara stayed home with them.

Sounds peaceful, right?

Of course not!

Two wild children of her own plus dozens of children in her home daycare. I can’t even imagine. But I saw her in action many times and I was always in awe of her calmness and patience. Plus, she always provided the kids with endless creative play and educational opportunities.

As her youngest child began nearing school age, Tara decided it was time to step back into a job outside the home. She now works as a support worker for John Howard and an addiction support worker at Crossroads Addiction Centre.


Two busy ladies, two amazing ladies!

Thank you for posing for me!

Your company is always welcomed and your smiles are always warm.

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