A creepy number for a creepy person?

Nah, she’s not actually creepy, she’s lovely and delightful!

I met Ashley at Nalu on Algoma St yesterday because I won a prize! Winning prizes is fun, especially when it’s a gift certificate to a fabulous neighbourhood pub!

I had heard of Nalu before as it’s on one of my regular walking routes. But I thought the letters were an acronym for something related to Bay and Algoma.


Turns out it’s a Hawaiian word! One day I’ll catch Dina (the owner) of Nalu and get the story behind the name.

But yesterday was not that day, it was the day I caught Ashley as she worked away at her desk, warm spring sunshine pouring into the bright welcoming foyer.

Ashley was born and raised in Thunder Bay and attended Confederation College. She’s worked for Nalu for over a year now and did a placement before getting hired on as staff.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys spending time with friends, doting on her kitty cat Tux, and hiking around the Thunder Bay Area.

Consider Ashley at Nalu for your website developing needs!

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