Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with a lovely woman named Jackie.

I’m exaggerating when I say pleasure though because, while Jackie is a delight, she happened to be ripping all the hair out of my legs.

Jackie is one of the wonderful estheticians at Stella WaxBar on Algoma Street. Literally every woman who works there is wonderful, including Kate the owner.

Waxin it up.

These pictures feature my pasty white winter legs, but they also feature the beautiful and professional Jackie.

First she sprinkles on baby powder to create a little barrier between the skin and the wax, then she puts warm wax on the skin, then she puts cotton strips on the warm wax…. then rips it all off. Easy!

And she keeps everything perfectly clean and tidy and safe. She does everything with a calming and soothing voice and a gorgeous smile. I seriously love this woman.

Over the last year that she’s worked at Stella, I’ve been privileged to get to know Jackie and I always look forward to chatting with her.

Jackie made me laugh the other day when she described herself as a mutt: a fabulous mixture of Cherokee, Irish, and Belgian. She makes a point of teaching her children about each part of their ancestry because it’s all important.

She was born and raised in Southern Ontario (the Chatham area) and came to Thunder Bay in 2007 when her family relocated here to work in the forestry industry.

Jackie spent several years working as a PSW before going to school for Cosmetology. She has three strong and spirited daughters and is looking forward to getting married to a handsome military man in August.

Thank you for the smooth skin, Jackie!

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