It’s getting warmer out and that means we can get out and walk around the neighbourhood again!

Today, R3 and I wandered down Bay St, making the rounds and making new friends. We stopped in at Authentique and had a lovely visit with Sarah.

I know, I know, another Sarah. There are hundreds of Sarah in this city, but honestly each one is unique and special.

This one was a ginger!

My little ginger had a great time playing with ginger Sarah this morning:

What a good sport!

Sarah has worked at Authentique for about two years. She’s lived in Thunder Bay her whole life (both in Port Arthur AND in Fort William) and enjoys spending time with her fiancée and being a big nerd with things like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Pokémon, and J.R.R. Tolkien. (I totally guessed about those nerdy interests and Sarah confirmed that I was correct!)

Sarah makes her living as a professional musician. She’s been playing the piano for as long as she can remember, but started with actual lessons around age eleven. And now it’s lessons for everyone (if you hire her)!

Thank you Sarah! This city is blessed by having a sweet and thoughtful human like you as a resident.

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