I’m going to introduce you to a young woman who is actually LEAVING Thunder Bay TODAY!

But she’s coming back!

On Saturday when I was in Cheese Encounter, I met Caitlin and I also met… Sydney!!

It was pretty cool to walk into the store to see three women working. Obviously, we all love Matt, but there’s something pretty wonderful about being able to walk into a cheese store and say “This is the women power cheese hour!”

So as on Monday when Ida posed with Caitlin, here she is with our new friend Sydney!

Sydney was born in Thunder Bay but spent time living in BC and Toronto. She graduated from Ryerson with a journalism degree a couple years ago, then came back.

She’s one of those people who comes back! Because even though she’s leaving today, she’s coming back at the end of the year.

Sydney will be spending time working on a farm in Nova Scotia, learning all she can about cultivation and harvesting. Her dream is to bring back her knowledge to this area because she hopes to live off the land and live sustainably with as little waste as possible.

Ugh, doesn’t she have the best smile?!

In addition to farming, and cheese eating, Sydney also loves dogs. She has a husky named Aster and has spent many years being a dogsled musher in Sunshine, Ontario.

What an interesting woman! I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

Safe travels!!

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