I think my first conversation with Jamie was years ago, just after he and his wife welcomed their third daughter. We joked around that if my upcoming third child was another boy, we could do a swap!

Of course we wouldn’t actually do a kid-swap. Jamie loves his girls and I love my boys. They’re all keepers!

Jamie was born in Calgary and moved to Thunder Bay when he was 5 years old. He attended the visual arts program at Lakehead University; I’ve seen some of his art too, and it’s good!

It’s worth mentioning that during his formative years, after arriving in Thunder Bay, Jamie moved around a lot. He lived in 21 different houses over a period of 18 years… and none of those houses were in Fort William! It’s pretty clear that’s he’s a person of Port Arthur, through and through!

Jamie used to work out of town but a couple years ago he began a job as a labour rep for a Labourers Union. I honestly can’t think of many people better suited to this kind work. Whenever I’ve talked to Jamie or heard anyone else talk about him, the opinions are the same right across the board: he’s honest, fair, open-minded, and an all-around decent human being.

Jamie has been part of LU Radio for about 7 years now. He goes live on air every Sunday morning with his radio show. Click the link to learn more about it!

In his spare time, Jamie writes music reviews for The Walleye, loves finding amazing places to eat with Carolyn (his partner of 23 years), and has started teaching his daughters to play Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, and he likes hanging with his dogs!

What a busy and fun life! Thank you for talking to me, Jamie! Thunder Bay is so lucky to have you.

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