I met Lara last summer at the Die Active Y-art sale; my booth was next to hers so my son kept wandering over to talk to her. He makes friends wherever he goes. I have no idea where he gets that from…

Lara was born in Halifax but moved to Northern Ontario when she was just a year old; her little brother was born shortly after.

Lara and her family moved around a lot while growing up but eventually her brother decided to settle in Thunder Bay for post secondary education. He decided to stay here with his partner and together they founded Corbett Creek Farms. I won’t write too much more about Lara’s brother and his farm because maybe one day I’ll get to meet him and write about him then!

Lara visited her brother on his farm and she felt a pull to put down roots of her own. She loved the area and wanted to stay close. She says, “It’s all been a whirlwind and it’s turned out to be magic.”

I love it.


I think Lara is pretty magical.

Right now Lara works part time as counsellor and part time as a potter. When she’s in pottery mode, Lara has a home studio and she makes things for her business, Sweet Earth Ceramics.
Having a balance of a “professional career” and a creative career is very important for Lara. She strives to stay grounded and keep the stress minimal. She gets to help people with their mental health through her counselling profession, then she gets to make a mess and create beautiful pottery. That mess-making and creation is part of how Lara takes care of her own mental health.
Please visit Lara’s Instagram for lots of great pictures and a link to her website.

I hope to see Lara again soon and I’m so happy she shared her magic with me!

Lara will be set up at the Chanterelle, May 5th from 10am to 5pm for the springtime Craft Revival.

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