She says, “Greetings! Welcome to my studio!”

Thank you for having me, Meg!

From the moment I walked into this beautiful studio space, I was pretty much in love.

First of all, it was warm and cozy. Secondly, it smelled so good! Thirdly, Meg was listening to my favourite podcast when I walked in: My Favourite Murder. I knew then and there that I’d found a kindred spirit.

Looking at all the pottery in various states of progression reminded me so much of my Gramma. I wanted so badly to show the studio to my Gramma (an amazing lifelong potter) but I’ll just be happy with the idea that she’s looking at it from the other side.

When she’s not doing pot (obvious jokes for the win!), Meg loves to be in nature, spending time with her partner, her children, and her pets; she loves growing food in her giant garden, and she loves supporting local businesses.

Definitely keep up with what Meg is doing through her website and Facebook page. And keep watch as you dine out around town! A lot of local restaurants use Meg’s pottery!

From Meg and I to you…


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