It’d like to introduce you to an amazon warrior woman. Her name is Angela and she just had open heart surgery.

And she rocked it.

She’s up and shes doing well. She’s exhausted and experiencing pain of course, but she’s doing pretty, all things considered!

Angela is going to need some time off, about three months, give or take, to recover and rebuild strength. I’ll let her tell you about her condition:

I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called subaortic stenosis. There is a membrane in my aortic valve that isn’t supposed to be there but my body thinks it should be. As I get older this membrane thickens and, had my condition gone undiagnosed, the membrane would have gotten so thick that it would have killed me. Diet and exercise would not have prevented this and although the condition is rare it’s one of the main causes of sudden death in athletes if it’s undiagnosed. Once diagnosed, the condition is completely treatable with open heart surgery.

The surgery was a success and now the recovery begins. To help with covering the costs of being off work for three months, Angela is raffling off one of her original pieces of art!

In Angela’s words again:

I’m selling tickets and if you want to see the painting in person, it’s on display at The Creative on Algoma and tickets are available at this location as well. Tickets are also available at Hey Sailor. Anyone who supports and doesn’t win the painting, will get a hand-painted “Thank You” glass. Shipping will be free in Canada.

“Mishomis” means Grandfather in Ojibway. The horse was chosen because it is a herd animal. Blue was chosen for spirit. Our ancestors guide us, which is why the horse is posed looking back over his shoulder.

The ticket!

The “thank you” gift

I’ve recently started getting to know Angela and her fiancé.

That’s Chris on the left. I’ll talk about him one day. That’s Angela on the right. Her sassy smile on camera transfers over to a sassy lady in real life. She is kind and calming, she is considerate and compassionate. She loves creating all kinds of art (we’ll take a look at her business in a future post), is a devoted friend and partner, and loves her furry kitty cat children!

Good luck with your recovery, Angela! Rest well and get strong. You are amazing!

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