Happy Mother’s Day to Jolene!

A few weeks ago, I was at In Common with a friend and we just HAD to talk to this adorable mother/son duo!

On this particular day, Jolene and Jason were out celebrating new beginnings!

Jason decided to go back to school to start upgrading with the eventual goal being to complete a degree in Geography & Archeology. He’s basically going to be Indiana Jones.

Jolene just started a new nursing job and is really excited! She spent many years working hard and raising three kids, then she went to school to pursue a nursing career.

Jolene and Jason have always been close (along with the other two kids) and it’s wonderful to see how they genuinely enjoy each other’s company as adults. I think that’s every mother’s dream!

And they have matching tattoos!

I hope Jolene has a great day with Jason and her two other kids! She deserves the royal treatment.

To mothers and mother-figures and people who mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

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