Once upon a time in Thunder Bay, a little boy was born to an awesome mom and a pretty cool dad. He had an older brother and an older sister and he was so adorable and polite and sweet.

This is Gregg.

He grew up and moved west, as many do, and settled in Northern Alberta. He secured steady employment, bought a house, and eventually met a young woman named Josie. Now Gregg and Josie are parents to a delightful little boy named Ethan.

This is Gregg’s first Father’s Day as a new daddy!

This is Gregg and his son, hanging out with Jesse, a longtime family friend and fellow Thunder Bay ex-pat.

This is Gregg and his partner Josie with little Ethan. Aren’t they cute?!

Josie is enjoying maternity leave right now and Gregg is working hard as a dispatcher for an oil and vac truck company.

I’ve watched Gregg interact with my kids over the years and I know he has nieces and nephews of similar ages. He has always been so kind and patient with children, I almost feel like he was born to be a dad.

I know his own parents are proud of him; I think his older siblings lovingly tolerate him (haha!). Add in a beautiful partner and an adorable son, and you really can’t ask for anything better.

Happy Father’s Day to Gregg!!!

And happy Father’s Day to all the dads and acting dads who show up and model what it means to be a good human being.

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