Most of the time I don’t use last names here, but Jennifer gave me permission…

Have you ever heard a more perfect sassy reporter name?

Jennifer Jones!!!

She’s like Lois Lane. Or is she a super powered vigilante a la Jessica Jones? Or a combination…

Vigilante reporter: Jennifer Jones. She will kick your butt then write a story about it!

(She actually has been published in Canadian Living many many years ago, after writing about her experience as a Tim Horton’s barista in Afghanistan.)

Naaah, not a vigilante, but she will crochet a scarf and serve up some delicious rhubarb marmalade!

I met Jennifer over the weekend at a small artisan/vendor event to raise money for Cambrian Players Theatre (they’re hoping to put a new roof on their building on Spring St.).

Jennifer and her lovely Miss Molly

We had never met but I have seen her perform in many local theatre productions. And she’s good, a fantastic actor with such a wonderful stage presence.

I had a great time getting to know Jennifer and hearing about her cute cat, and all the great stuff she grows in her garden, and all the fun plays she’s been involved with.

Jennifer will be appearing in the next Cambrian Players production this fall. Watch the Cambrian Facebook page to get updates on The Farndale Avenue Christmas Carol, opening the end of November. It’s going to be hilarious!

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