She is a woman of many talents.

For example, she’s really good at puzzles!

Just kidding! She’s terrible! This is her just kidding face:

That’s the “community puzzle” set up at Pneumaticity. Fit a couple pieces in while you wait for your appointment.

We’ve met many wonderful Pneumaticity people over the last couple years, including the owner, and today we’re meeting Raili.

Not only does she have an adorable ‘just kidding’ face, but she’s a superb hair dresser. She can also do waxing: she’ll rip the hair out of your skin wherever you desire!

Today Number 260 was getting the royal treatment from one of the best hair dressers in town at one of the best salons in town! She has been with Pneumaticity for almost four years now and is such an asset.

When she’s not working her magic at the salon, she’s spending time with her husband and daughter, and is constantly trying her hand at other creative pursuits like painting. Raili is also a talented performer and has been dancing in various stage and burlesque productions for years. I saw her perform with Les Coquettes Rouges and she was so good! So funny!

Thank you Raili!

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