Her name is Jamie but you might know her by another name!

Ivan Love?

Or maybe…

Beatrix Muse?

Jaime is known all over the city by different names because she’s is constantly and consistently stepping onto the stage and taking on different personas.

Jaime came to Thunder Bay as a child, moving with her family from Calgary. She has recently begun working as a personal support worker, possibly working towards a nursing license.

But that’s just boring day job stuff. Jaime is a self proclaimed spotlight hog and loves to be on stage, performing in almost any kind of artistic endeavour at all kinds of events!

Here she is as Beatrix, on stage at a Def Sup Derelicte event:

Photo by Keegan Richard


Here she is performing with Compelling Characters:

Photo by Keegan Richard


Here she is as Ivan Love, ready to storm a stage with drag king goodness:

Photo by Keegan Richard


And here she is on stage with Les Coquettes Rouge, for a fun burlesque performance last year:

She’s in the spotlight alright, and she does it so well.

You can catch her on stage for a fun Fantasy Haus Halloween themed drag event September 28th at Black Pirates Pub.

Thunder Bay is truly lucky to have such a fabulous performer; she brings joy and entertainment wherever she goes and whatever she does.


  1. Wow!! Awesome, I remember growing up in Carseland with this amazing human. We were really close in school, and had sleep overs as kids all the time. Your doing amazing girl!! Miss you.

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