I met one of the newer employees at Creation Body Piercing today. I was immediately drawn to her because she was wearing a red and black plaid shirt.

Everybody knows that red and black plaid is the way to my heart!

Well… I don’t think Nicole knew, but she does now!

What a gorgeous human being!

Nicole was born and raised in Thunder Bay and is working her way to becoming an addictions counsellor. This is important to Nicole as she has now been clean for over four years. She is open and honest about this part of her life because she feels strongly about ending certain taboos and stereotypes that are often associated with addiction.

As someone who used to work at a treatment centre (before I had kids) and someone who grew up with addict family members, I love hearing from people who’ve worked hard to get clean and maintain recovery. It’s not an easy journey and it’s wonderful to see a success story like Nicole’s.

When she’s not working at Creation, Nicole spends time with her partner and their FIFTEEN animals! They have two dogs, four cats, four lizard, and two snails. Basically, Nicole and her partner live in a small zoo!

Nicole is also very active in Thunder Bay’s rave culture. Her partner is a DJ and she herself is a glow artist and a go-go dancer. They continually work hard, doing their part to keep rave events fun, entertaining, and safe for all the people who love to get dressed up in funky costumes and dance until they can’t dance anymore!

If you’ve ever wondered what a “raver” looks like, then look no further. I swiped these photos (with permission) from Nicole’s Instagram:


Thank you for talking to me and sharing a bit about your life, Nicole! I’m excited to know you are part of the downtown community.

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