I haven’t really known Richard for very long, but I’m pretty sure he’s been around forever. Or at least for the past fifty years…

But since I wasn’t around fifty years ago, I can truthfully say that I’ve been seeing this guy around town for my entire life.

As a kid, I would see him sing and play guitar in various bands and various church musical groups. As I got older, I would see him at different events and on stage during Cambrian Theatre productions.

He’s quite, as they say, the man about town.

And now! When I see Richard out and about, I talk to him. We have conversations! Because that’s what adults do!

Born and raised in Thunder Bay (he lives in Fort William), Richard has been working hard and having fun for years. He has a blog where he talks about his daily experiences and a website where he keeps track of all his acting, music, and work experience. It’s kind of like a resume!

It’s kind of fun to learn about everything this guy has done and there’s no doubt he’ll be taking on even more adventures. I don’t think he could sit still if he wanted to.

And, as he told me during our last conversation, “I’ll do almost anything for forty bucks!” So please, if you see Richard around, offer him two twenties and see what you can get him to do!

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