This blog has been around for three whole years now!

In that time, I’ve put oh so many people on the spot. Lak is no exception.

Lak works in the kitchen at In Common; when they came out to say hello, I just had to snap a picture!

I’ve known Lak for a short while but we have had some pretty great conversations and I just love seeing a wonderful young community member enjoying life, engaging in the tough issues, and giving back to the people around them.

Lak was born in Red Lake and grew up in Thunder Bay. They studied Sociology (with a focus on Indigenous issues) at Lakehead University.

Here is Lak with friends Tayler and Zack, enjoying the Pride Block Party this past summer!

In addition to heading up the kitchen at In Common, and going to school, Lak is passionate about live music, self expression and identity, and working with indigenous youth.

Lak would also like to announce something very exciting happening on October 12th…

A new band called “Yeah Ok” will be playing a debut show at The Apollo around 10 or 11pm… and Lak is the bass player! They also does some of the vocals.

11pm is too late for me to go out (I’m old) but I’m so excited about this new outlet of expression for Lak and the rest of the band. Thunder Bay is full of talent and it thrills and delights me. I can’t wait to see what all the the wonderful young people do and Lak is incredibly wonderful.

I may be lactose intolerant, but I’m very much Lak-tose tolerant! 😆😆😆😆

(I promised Lak I’d print that horrible yet amazing “dad joke”)

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