I grew up listening to CBC radio and it will always have a special place in my heart.

On Friday (October 4th), CBC Thunder Bay held a morning open house from 6am to 10am) and an afternoon open house from 2:30pm to 6pm.

In the morning, listeners were invited to come visit and tour the station and Lisa Laco was doing the morning show live from the radio station foyer.

I was unable to be there but I heard it got pretty wild with a moose calling competition. I saw a video of Gord Ellis demonstrating the moose call and Lisa Laco was just laughing and giggling away. Hilarious!

My partner and I went to see the open house around 4pm and even though nobody was doing moose calls, it was still pretty wonderful.

We toured the station with Matt (local radio legend), painted some rocks, ate some persians, and got to see (and hear) Waub Rice doing his radio show in the lobby.


We got to meet a wonderful on air personality by the name of Naba aba Duncan. She is a CBC radio host and producer based in Toronto and was in town for this special open house event.

She was there all day (no doubt exhausted), but I saw her in the afternoon.

First, doing a bit of recording in the booth:

Then, in the foyer on air with Waub Rice:


And finally:

Not the best picture, but it certainly shows a professional at work!

Nana aba was born in Ghana and grew up in Southern Ontario, first in Newmarket and then Toronto. She studied journalism at the University of Western Ontario and worked with Journalists for Human Rights in Ghana, and then moved to CBC. Nana aba has spent a decade with the CBC on various shows and currently hosts a weekend show called Fresh Air and has a Podcast called Media Girlfriends. She works tirelessly to promote diversity and shine a light on women in the media.

It’s exciting that Nana aba was able to come visit Thunder Bay. She said to Waub, while live on the air, that she believes it’s important to see as much of the province as possible.

She also said that she had a sauna and forgot to bring a jacket to Thunder Bay. Hmm… maybe that’s why she had to have a sauna!

Thank you Nana aba!

Promo Photo from CBC.ca

Important links for Nana aba Duncan:

CBC Radio program: Fresh Air

Personal Instagram. Nanaabaduncan

Twitter: @Nanaaba

Podcast Instagram: MediaGirlfriends

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