I had the pleasure of taking in an afternoon matinee at Magnus Theatre and then sitting down to visit with the Artistic Director Thom Currie.

Guys… he’s pretty delightful. And he has a pretty killer sense of style. That tie!

Thom has been in Thunder Bay for three years now; he moved from Stephenville Newfoundland where he was working with another theatre group. From Newfoundland to Northwestern Ontario: that’s a pretty big move! But Thom has been just about everywhere

He grew up in Paris and spent 10 years living in New York, and 20 years living and working in Toronto.

I asked Thom what he does when he’s not working and he laughed. Because, yup, he’s aaaallways working! I believe it. But in the teeny spaces where he’s not busy at Magnus, he enjoys having fun with vintage photography, spending time with his partner, a delightful dog, and two grown up daughters in Toronto.

I also asked Thom what he thinks about living in Thunder Bay. He says he was apprehensive at first about moving somewhere so isolated, but he did a lot of research prior to making the big move. Tom and his partner acknowledges that Thunder Bay is not without problems, but there’s just something wonderful about this place. Geographically isolated but still big enough to have everything you need. Magnus Theatre has been around since 1975 and since that time (and probably even before that), Thunder Bay has been continually standing out as an artistic hub. Theatres, artists, musicians, and amazing restaurants are everywhere. Thom calls Thunder Bay an artistic hub and he has no regrets about moving here. That makes me so happy to hear!

Now, let’s talk about the play…

It’s not a feel-good play, but I think it will make you feel good… in a way. It’s the story of a family working to understand a tragedy. It’s real and gritty and sad; it’s a story about wondering why something awful happened and how you’re supposed to go on living in the aftermath.

Wonderfully performed by four very real actors, and a terrifically designed set with a background painted by local artist Michael O’Connor.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, this play could be triggering, but it could also be helpful. Like therapy. Don’t shy away from the play because of the subject matter. You’ll probably cry, but it’s a good cry, if that makes sense.

Photos by Matt Goertz, provided by Magnus Theatre

This is How We Got Here will be on stage until November 9th. Please visit the theatre website for more information!

Thank you so much for all you do for the city, Thom.

I’m happy to know you and very happy to continue being a patron of the arts!


  1. I enjoy the plays at Magnus. Thom had chosen well -the plays and actors. Sets are great too

    1. Author

      He really has done well!

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