One day, while making my downtown rounds, I stepped into Olives & Bananas…. and there she was…

Our eyes met across the room as we circled one another, slowly moving closer…

Just kidding!!

That’s not how I operate.

I saw a woman I’d never met before; she said hi and that was enough for me to pounce: “Can I take your picture?”

She barely had time to get that gorgeous smile on her face…

If she looks at home surrounded by squishy skeins of wool, it’s because she totally is. She is an amazingly talented crafted and has been selling her own creations under the name Camp Happy Heart since 2010.

Heliinä’s work is equal parts silly and sweet; she takes comforting cuddly toys into the realm of the absurd and the result is quite magical. There are so many more examples on her Instagram page, which you can see here, or her Facebook page here.

Heliinä was born in Thunder Bay but spent many years living in BC and Seattle. She attended school in BC before returning to Thunder Bay and now works as a law clerk. Heliinä lives with her husband, step children, three cats, and a doggy.

It’s a full life of family, furry friends, and fibre arts; thank you for talking with me Heliinä!

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