I stayed out until after midnight last Friday night!

I was yawning at 7pm but I rallied so I could spend some time with friends and see Rock Steady play at the Foundry.


If you’re going to watch Rock Steady play, it’s quite likely you’ll see Julia taking pictures. She’s a great photographer, often taking pictures of beautiful scenery, but she loves live music and enjoys capturing the magic on stage.

Julia enjoying her Northern Lagger. Sneak background appearance by Number 71.

Here are a few examples of Julia’s scenic photography:

Here are a few examples of Julia’s music photography:

It was pretty cool to see her taking pictures of the musicians last week, and even cooler to know that Julia is an occasional performer herself:

There’s no question about it: Julia is multi talented.

She was born in Thunder Bay And has lived here most of her life, aside from seven years on the west coast. Julia studied early childhood education at the College and now works as a student support worker for the Catholic School Board.

In addition to live music and photography, Julia enjoys spending time with her family, lazy summer days with good friends, and almost anything related to the outdoors (snowboarding, swimming, campfires, hiking, and more).

So nice to meet you Julia! Thanks for letting me take your picture!

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  1. Jeannine, you should be so proud, both you and Larry…Julia is wonderful…

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