From time to time, I’ll be at dinner or brunch (or some other event), and I’ll look around the room or table and think, “I’ve written about all these wonderful people… except for Lisa!”

It’s not that I didn’t want to write about Lisa, I just kept putting it off.

But not anymore; today is the day!

Lisa was grew up in Dryden with a mom, a dad, one brother, and two sisters. She attended Dryden high school and then attended the University of Waterloo.

After University, Lisa spent several years teaching English in South Korea. Upon her return to Dryden, she met her partner Derek and they began thinking about what they wanted to do next…

They both had dreams of living out in the country and being close to nature; they decided to spend a season in BC working on a farm. It was a great opportunity to learn about raising animals, growing food, and creating a homestead. After their farming adventure, Lisa and Derek bought some property out in the country and began planning a life off the grid.

It’s been several years of slowly building. They have a decent sized straw bale cabin and have secured electricity via solar panels. They also have a composting toilet. I’m telling you, you haven’t lived until you’ve covered your urine with sawdust. That’s just one of the adventures you’ll have out in the wilds.

Their property stretches far enough for serious hiking and exploration, as well as being the perfect spot for berry picking and bonfires.

Lisa occasionally does the craft show circuit selling handmade decor and food items

Lisa works as an economic development and strategic planning consultant for multi-sector consulting company in the city and really enjoys her commute to and from work: a longer drive is perfect for listening to music and podcasts. About her job, Lisa says, I love life Northwestern Ontario and working with my clients on strategies that strengthen northern communities and organizations.”

When not at work, Lisa is usually found puttering on her property or cuddling up with her kitties and pup… Derek too! They both love traveling and have back-packed through many European countries. Lisa dabbles in painting, crafting, and loves spending as much time as possible with her friends and family. She is one of the kindest and most compassionate and well spoken people I’ve ever met.

And… believe it or not… she talks just as much as I do. It’s true.

I’m so happy to know this woman.

Hot holiday tip: Lisa sings with the Thunder Bay Symphony Chorus.

They are performing Handel’s Messiah on the 6 & 7th of December at St Paul’s United Church – tickets available at Fireweed or the Symphony event page.

Also, the Holiday Pops concert is on the 14th. Visit the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium for more information and ticket prices.

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