Last year I met Amanda at Craft Revival, this year I met her partner. At Craft Revival of course!

Amanda warned me ahead of time that he looks like a young Mick Jagger and I have to say… I see it!

Logan was born in Thunder Bay and did all the things that kids often do (you know, playing, going to school, getting into trouble), including moving around a lot with his family. I’m told he spent many years in other parts of Ontario and Quebec.

But he made his way back to Thunder Bay in 2010 and has been here ever since!

Logan took pre-health at the college a few years ago, and is now working full time in sales/customer service.

Logan is kind of a quiet fella and keeps to himself, but several people described him as a “real sweetheart.”

Does he even want to be known as a sweetheart?

Too late!

When he’s not working, he’s playing video games, playing music, going to Thai Kitchen, and hanging out with his dog and other loved ones.

And don’t forget, shopping!

Logan and Amanda love shopping at Moon Money because they have sweet vintage finds and awesome records!

I imagine that after this photo was taken (by either Derrick or Marla, the owners of a Moon Money), Logan and Amanda went home and listened to Pink Floyd for three hours and baked vegan cookies, told each other hilarious jokes, and played video games.

I’m making that up, but I also believe it to be 100% true.

So nice to meet you Logan!

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