Last month we met a wonderful young lady named Sandy and I promised to introduce you to her partner as soon as possible.

Honestly, I could have (and should have) introduced Austin a lot sooner but I am easily distracted. But here he is!!!!

Sandy on the right, Austin on the left! Don’t you just want to adopt them both!?

Austin was born in Thunder Bay and grew up with a mom and a dad and an older brother. He spent his childhood surrounded by music and a loving family and lots of nature! He spent many years fishing and hunting with his dad and grandfather, creating beautiful memories and learning important life skills.

He doesn’t fish much anymore, but he’s definitely still a busy guy. He just finished up his fourth and final year as a carpenter apprenticeship. It’s been four years of hard work; he just took his final exam and he passed! Amazing! Austin is now a fully accredited and licensed carpenter! It’s so exciting to know such a dedicated young man. He is capable and talented and devoted.

In his spare time, Austin loves to get out camping with Sandy, and they also love attending music festivals. He loves spending time with his family, his dog, and he keeps very busy working on all kinds of creative projects.

I was very happy to meet with Austin and hang out with him for awhile (before social isolation was a thing of course) and see him putter in his own home. He is truly a wonderful human being and I feel good knowing there are people like Austin (and Sandy) in our midst.

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