A couple years ago I was fortunate to meet Maelyn. She worked at the Chanterelle; thankfully I was able to book a few events through her. It’s been wonderfully impressive seeing Maelyn’s dedication and hard work.

But, we all know the only constant is change. Maelyn is moving on from the Chanterelle and she’s handing the reigns over to a beautiful, energetic, effervescent, and equally ambitious young lady named Kathleen.

Maelyn introduced me to Kathleen at the Victoria Inn Spring Wedding Show on the weekend…

Kathleen was born in Thunder Bay and then went off to Carleton University and Sheridan College (to study Journalism and Marketing respectively). After all that studying and learning, Kathleen moved to Toronto and began working at various events, gradually getting more and more experience. Most recently she was the senior sales manager of weddings and social events for The Drake Hotel Properties.

It’s kind of exciting to have Kathleen bring all that experience with her to The Chanterelle!

After leaving her job with The Drake Hotel, Kathleen spent time traveling and touring in Australia and Asia. She calls it a “gap year.” I’ve heard of a lot of students who take gap years after high school but before college. It’s kind of amazing that Kathleen was able to have such a fabulous opportunity to explore the world.

And now she’s back!

Back living in Thunder Bay for the first time in thirteen years!

The last time she lived here so many of the amazing newer restaurants and businesses didn’t even exist yet; she’s been having a great time getting reacquainted with the city and exploring all the newest hot spots.

In her spare time, Kathleen loves hiking. She says “I’m a self-proclaimed mountain goat!” Thankfully she clarified that this means climbing mountains and exploring nature because for a minute I pictured her chewing on tin cans and trotting over wooden bridges!

It was so nice to meet Kathleen and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things she’s going to do at The Chanterelle.

If you’ve never been, consider attending an event… or even booking an event of your very own! It’s beautiful and kind of magic.

Congratulations on the new job Kathleen, Thunder Bay is so lucky to have you back again!

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