Erika isn’t technically from Thunder Bay, but I mean, Kakabeka Falls is soooo close. If she wanted to say, “Hey, I’m from Thunder Bay,” nobody would dare argue the point.

But regardless of semantics, Erika went to high school in Thunder Bay and now attends Lakehead University. She’s currently in her third year of a Fine Arts program (focusing on ceramics and pottery) and has been working at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery (at reception) since high school.

Erika loves art and that’s all there is to it.

Except… there’s so much more! I met Erika at an art sale (before social distancing) and she had these amazing porcelain eyeballs for sale. I was so intrigued and utterly captivated that I couldn’t resist; I purchased several. I don’t know what it is about random disembodied eyeballs, but apparently they sell really well!

Ugh, is she not the cutest?

She makes more than eyeballs though. I swiped a few of my favourite images from her Instagram:

Delightful illustrations and unique pottery/ceramic work is what defines Erika’s artistic expression. The running theme here (in my own interpretation) is whimsy and happy, with occasional undertones of creepy (think back to the disembodied eyeballs). It’s a really great balance.

When she’s not making art or working near art, Erika enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, her family, and her pets. Ooo! And they like to skateboard!

Above all, Erika enjoys a good story. She attempts to incorporate a story telling element into her work. As she continues to work and play and grow as an artist, I’ll be excitedly following along, curious to see more stories as they evolve.

Thank you!

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