This is Lindsay!

She has been on medical leave from her job since January. She feels a bit like an expert on the “stay home” way of the world right now. Thankfully, she’s feeling better, but of course she can’t go back to work. So what is she doing while self isolating? This picture will give you a clue:

A new kitten!

Lindsay is trying her hand at homeschooling her two kids (with help from her partner), playing with three cats, and decorating and painting her house.

I’m proud of you Lindsay! Creating beauty and decorating your surroundings, while being a busy mom to two humans and three cats is not an easy job. You got this.


This is Milo!

They are working from home right now. It’s been a bit of a challenge due to some of their chronic pain issues. But thankfully, Milo’s been able to find a manageable routine which includes sitting at their desk with heating pads, making time to cuddle the pets (and the fiancé), and taking daily outings to get a special treat at Starbucks (which is still open for drive-through service).

En route to Starbucks

I’m proud of you Milo! It’s important to break up the day and important to treat yourself. You are working hard, but self care is still so important. You got this.


This is Elyse!

Elyse is spending her days working from home. Her doctors have advised her to do everything possible to stay away from other people during the pandemic because of chronic illness. It’s pretty great that her boss was able to accommodate work-from-home.

Working all day and being unable to go anywhere has Elyse feeling the cabin fever. She has her groceries and other essentials delivered and it’s very convenient, but being unable to carry out normal daily activities is really starting to have a negative impact on Elyse’s mental health. She and her husband take their dog walking and that has helped maintain a small semblance of normalcy. She’s also thankful that she has groups of friends for online Dungeons and Dragons as well as a lot of video conferencing for work. Seeing different faces helps Elyse feel sane and more productive.

I’m proud of you Elyse. It’s so hard to be in isolation and out of normal routines. So many of us are social creatures, even those of us who lean towards the introverted side. It can be scary and stressful to be told to stay away from people to protect your health. You got this.


This is Steph!

Steph is home right now. She can’t go to work because her job is not considered an essential service. It can be frustrating to hear that one is not actually considered essential, especially when you help people out every day as a massage therapist. But as an immunocompromised person, Steph does conclude it’s just safer for her to be off work.

She’s keeping busy with lots of cooking, lots of walks, and lots of yoga. And don’t forget true crime documentaries on Netflix and lots of music (Steph is somewhat of a kindred spirit!).

She says, “I’ve also been gardening a lot because watching things grow is the best feeling ever!”

I’m proud of you Steph. It can be hard to stay home when you’re used to working. There is a sense of loss that comes with losing employment, even if it’s temporary. Filling your days with relaxation and productivity is almost like a vacation right now… if it weren’t for the pandemic. Stay strong and stay safe; you got this.


More to come

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