This is Shelley!

Shelley is a dedicated and hard working nurse. Another familiar face around the blog. Though I guess it’s hard to tell now, isn’t it?

All set to safely tackle the day!

Shelley has been working hard throughout the pandemic. She’s always a dedicated worker, though acknowledges that it’s more important than ever to stay connected to the more vulnerable citizens right now. People with limited income, insecure housing, and a lack of food are at increased risk right now as so many services have been effected.

Shelley just keeps going though. She inspires me every day. She works long hours in stressful situations, then she goes home, cleans up, and tries to relax and distract herself from pandemic related problems.

I’m so proud of you Shelley. You put on a brave face every day even though sometimes you’d like to just cocoon in a pile of blankets with your kitty cats. You got this.


This is Jana!

She’s very silly, its true. I can’t deny that and she wouldn’t want me to. However, she’s also an incredibly hardworking woman!

Silly… and serious!

Jana has been able to work from home part of the time, but other times she heads to Tbaytel to keep an eye on the phone and internet situation.

When we think of front line workers, we think about doctors and nurses and grocery store employees; they’re right there in the public eye. Jana is also a front line worker. Though she isn’t in contact with a lot of people throughout the day, her work is incredibly important.

I’m so proud of you Jana. I know you and your coworkers are responsible for keeping everybody connected to their phones and internet and televisions. It’s kind of a daunting task, but we would certainly feel it if you weren’t able to do your job. You got this.


This is Ashley!

She’s a former Thunder Bay friend, now living and working in Germany.

She was working in the lab, late one night…

Ashley has had a bit of work-from-home time, but mostly she is heading into work at a busy hospital. She follows strict safety and cleanliness protocols and does her best to avoid contact with other workers.

Ashley is an incredibly gifted scientist and her work on cancer research is so important to the medical community. It might not seem essential at this time, but lab work is often precarious and time sensitive. Some experiments just can’t be postponed.

I’m so proud of you Ashley. You work so hard and what you’re doing is going to benefit us all. I know you’re exhausted; you got this.


This is Shannon!

Yes, she’s holding a tray of donuts. Yes, she made those donuts. Yes, they are amazing.

Vegan donuts for days!

Shannon works at Bay Village Coffee which has done a great job finding ways to stay open during the pandemic. A coffee shop isn’t technically an essential service so it’s not permissible to just wander in and relax and drink coffee. However, the owners of Bay Village have set up a delivery service AND a car hop take-out service.

Imagine getting these donuts delivered to your house on Monday morning? That can be your reality. Shannon loves being part of the Bay Village team. She has terrific bosses and fantastic coworkers. Their ingenious pandemic business plan is helping so many people keep their routines and stay sane during such an uncertain time.

I’m so proud of you Shannon. What you and your team do matters to so many people. You got this.

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