This is Jay!

He’s a familiar face around these parts of course. A regular, if you will. Jay is an IT guy! And more specifically, he’s the hospital’s multi media and communications specialist. Jay wakes up every day and goes to work, just like he has done for the last four years (at this particular job). There are a lot more safety protocols these days, but the job still needs to be done.

Jay says, “I am happy to be working. It’s better to be here feeling like I am doing something rather than being at home wishing that there were something I can do.”

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I’m proud of you Jay. The hospital is a busy place and there’s a lot happening there; what you do makes a difference. Not only to the people at the hospital, but to everyone who needs to go to the hospital. You got this.


This is Candice!

This lovely lady is a seamstress at The Whole Nine Yards. She’s incredibly talented and creative (check out her personal business page for The Bunnydeer Hatbox). Candice walks to work every day and feels safe in her clean workspace.

Queen of the machine

The Whole Nine Yards isn’t open to the public right now, but the employees are busy working and making thousands of masks for distribution around the city. Candice says it’s like an assembly line.

I’m proud of you Candice! Sewing might not seem like an essential service, but it is pretty important. People need masks and other clothing. Candice works hard day in and day out to help people get what they need. Your dedication to the craft is inspiring; you got this.


This is Kristin!

She definitely leaves the house a lot. She goes to the hospital and then covers herself in the protective gear and spends hours moving patients and providing the essential service of X-Ray! (Also known as diagnostic imaging.)

X-Ray tech in the house!

Kristin is amazing. She works so hard and puts her life on the line every day, not just during the pandemic, but always. Being an X-ray technologist is incredibly demanding and exhausting, but Kristin feels good about her frontline contribution. If you’re interested, you can read an article about what an X-ray tech does here. Kristin wrote it; it’s eye-opening and jaw-dropping.

I’m so proud of you Kristin. Your work is essential; you and your team are so important. It’s scary and stressful. You got this.


This is Derek!

He’s not on the front lines at the hospital but he is on the front lines for hungry people all over the city! Beefcake’s Burger Factory is still open for take out!

It’s Mr Beefcake Burgers on duty!

Is providing beautiful burgers an essential service? I guess that depends on who you ask. Thunder Bay has such a huge variety of amazing locally owned restaurants and if we want them to be here when the pandemic is over, it’s important to support them now (if you can).

I’m proud of you Derek. You’re working so hard to follow all health mandated protocols in order to stay open and provide delicious food to hungry people. You and your team are kicking ass; you got this.


More to come!

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