This is Sarah!

Sarah and I go way back, all the way back to high school. She left Thunder Bay for University but came back to pursue employment closer to family.

Morning selfie before the work day starts!

Sarah owns a condo and is used to leaving every day to go to work. But she’s working from home these days, as are many! I think she’s lost count of how many days she’s been at home, but I know she’s doing a good job.

How do I know this? Simple. When I message her during the day, she only responds if it’s lunch break or after working hours! A dedicated home office worker for sure and a dedicated social distance expert: she’s getting everything she needs delivered to her front door, including delicious coffee and treats from Bay Village!

To stay sane and busy while social distancing, Sarah is doing a lot of video chatting, and virtual theatre through her Cambrian Players involvement. She’s also been majorly bingeing all of Netflix. That’s right, she actually watched ALL OF NETFLIX. She’s an inspiration for sure.

I’m so proud of you Sarah. It’s not easy to be away from coworkers and friends, with no real end in sight. What you do matters and you’re inspiring others to keep smiling and to keep trying; you got this.


This is Jason!

Another fellow human who’s had to get used to staying at home rather than leaving for work. Looks like he’s got a pretty sweet set-up!

Work from home level = expert!

In addition to his day job, Jason’s been keeping busy with Thunder Pride work. He’s been on the board of directors for a couple years now and works tirelessly in the fight for gay rights and equality.

Pride month is going to look pretty different this year due to the global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be celebrations! Over the weekend, Jason was stationed in the Bay Village parking lot handing out rainbow lawn/window signs that say Pride Lives Here. We, as a city, might not be able to party in large groups, but it’s still possible to show your love and support. Follow the Thunder Pride page on Facebook to keep up to date about what’s happening in the next month.

Jason is getting a bit antsy with the prolonged social distancing. He misses his friends and he definitely misses his family. The first thing he’s going to do when some of the preventative health measures are lifted, his hug his nieces and nephews, especially his newborn nephew.

I’m so proud of you Jason. It’s so difficult to be separated from loved ones. The work you’re doing for the city is important and you’re doing a great job; you got this.


This is Derrick!

You might recognize him as part of the Moon Money Vintage family, and one of the geniuses behind Alram Apparel, or you might recognize him as the dude at the mall who sells phones!

I think this is his quarantine face!

Derrick has been doing his “phone selling” work at home, which is necessary because people will always need tech support even if they can’t go into the actual store.

As for Alram Apparel, that’s still a thing! Derrick is still a tshirt printing guru. And Moon Money Vintage? Also still a thing! The brick and mortar storefront ended when quarantine started; Derrick and his family decided to move the business to an online only business, with appearances at local vendor sales too, whenever that happens again. Go to to add your email to the list of people waiting patiently for the site to launch.

I’m so proud of you Derrick. Working from home is no easy task, especially with a young child and big pups. But you’re doing it. And you’re building an online store too! You’re doing a great job; you got this.

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