I’ve been hearing about this beautiful lady for years… YEARS!

Miranda’s sister has been my tattoo artist for a long time and we’ve shared so much while sitting together in the tattoo studio. It’s only natural that we’d talk about our families.

I’ve heard so much about Miranda (or Mir as her sister calls her) but I always pictured her as a young teen. In my mind she was always “Meg’s kid sister.”

Who said kid sisters were actually allowed to be successful grownups???

Miranda is a grownup! And she’s pretty awesome.

Miranda grew up in Thunder Bay with amazing parents, a cool big sis, and a loud and loving extended family. She attended Lakehead University and graduated with an Honours degree in Philosophy and History.

She then moved on to the University of Western Ontario where she studied and worked until 2018, graduating with a PhD in Women’s Studies and Research.

I remember sitting in the tattoo chair many times, asking Meg what her little sis was up to. For almost a decade the answer was always, “Oh she’s in school!”

The life of an academic can be exhausting. But hard work does pay off! Miranda is back in Thunder Bay and she’s now a sessional/contract lecturer with the Women’s Studies AND the Visual Arts departments at Lakehead.

Oh, and this is her dog Tilly. I heard from a reliable source that Tilly’s fur grew long enough during quarantine to French braid!

In her spare time, Miranda loves spending time with friends and family. And Tilly!! She also loves travelling and always wants to be learning and adding information to her beautiful brain.

Her teaching focuses on Decolonial art and arts-based activism; Feminist theory and qualitative research methods; Sexuality studies and queer theory; LGBTQI2 histories and activisms; Human-animal studies and rights; Critical disability studies.

It’s wonderful! So much important information is being passed from Miranda onto new students every semester! Thunder Bay is so lucky to have such a passionate voice and gifted academic in our midst.

I swiped the above picture from the Lakehead Website.

And… June 29th is Miranda’s birthday! Happy birthday to an amazing human!

Miranda and her sister and their pups!

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