If you’ve attended any big artisan sales in Thunder Bay, then it’s likely you’ve come across Randy and his wife Lisa.

That’s how I met them, at an artisan/vendor sale a few Christmas seasons ago.

There haven’t been any big sales this spring or summer and I’m sure they’re really missing it. I certainly am! Randy creates fantastic digital art and Lisa is his delightful, sarcastic, and hilarious helper and organizer.

Randy is the taller of the two

Randy was born in Thunder Bay but spent several years living in Timmins (his dad got a job there) before moving back to Thunder Bay. He’s been a busy electronic technician at Bombardier for over 35 years!

Lisa was also born in Thunder Bay. She’s had many jobs over the years but is currently working at Shoppers Drug Mart in the post office.

The two of them met in late 1998. Lisa was working as a hostess at Moxie’s and Randy came in for lunch. A perfect meet-cute story, though Lisa tells me it was not love at first sight. It was more like love at second site, a couple weeks later, when they reconnected online.

By early 1999, they had moved in together and their beautiful son Rory came along a couple years later.

It’s been kind of strange not having any big sales over the last several months. Lisa is still working (postal work is an essential service, thank you Lisa!) and Randy, though off work during quarantine times, is still making art. They have four little dogs that keep them pretty busy (Kyzer, Winston, Grrr, and ZaaZoo), plus they try to spend time with their teenage son and their grownup daughter (from Randy’s first marriage) and her family.

Life feels different when in quarantine, even if you still have to leave home to go to work. Randy and Lisa keep each other strong and motivated though. There really isn’t anything they can’t conquer together.


Please check out Randy’s art on his Facebook page if you have time. It’s quite striking and hits all the right spots if you’re into fantastical fantasy imagery!

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