A few years ago I wrote about Ida. She was delightful and hardworking! I loved visiting with her at Prime Gelato and The Cheese Encounter.

I’m so excited and proud to introduce you all to her new venture!

Ida has opened a store called Pretty Fly Co. It’s quaint, whimsical, cute, funky, and trendy. It’s literally everything I want in a little boutique and it fits in so well with the downtown Port Arthur shopping district.

In March 2019, Ida gave me a little sneak peek..

You can see that it had a summer 2019 opening date. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Big projects often take a lot longer than you think they’re going to!

But now it’s time. Yes, we’re living through a pandemic, but it’s still time. Ida has opened the doors to the public (with safety and social distancing protocols in place) and she’s ready for customers!

I seriously love what she’s done with the beautiful space on Algoma. It’s right next door to The Cheese Encounter too, so Ida can pop over for a bite of brie any time she needs!

And just look at this bright bit of sunshine:

If you’re lucky, you might even see the store mascot….

Ida is bringing in the sweetest products too! It’s not JUST about the puppy dog!

I want to buy everything!

I’m so proud of how hard Ida has worked to get this store up and running. Delays and frustrations and covid 19 have really tried to throw a wrench into the plans. But Ida made it happen. She’s pretty awesome!

You might even say…. she’s pretty fly!

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