I met Shaun at an artisan sale.

Where else do I meet people, right?

And this is usually what he’s doing at the sales:

He calls this “Wet Hot Anishinaabe Summer”

Kidding of course! He’s usually standing behind a table full of art!

I had a lot of fun looking through the prints Shaun brought with him from his home, North of Nipigon. And his artwork is just amazing.

Shaun projects calmness and surety when speaking to customers. He doesn’t use words superfluously. His stoic solemnity is the public face, but he’s quietly and delightfully hilarious.

His artwork is often a testament to the natural world around him as well as an ode to his ancestors and artistic influences. But some of it is also funny.

This here? This is serious and important. A fusion of current events with nature; the raw power of protest with the magical beauty of Mother Nature.

And this? This is magic.

And this is delightful! Posing in front of his art with his baby girls? Come ON!!!

And then he posts this kind of stuff and you’re like, “Wait, are you actually the funniest person in the North????”

You can see more examples of Shaun’s artwork (and his subtle hilarity) on his Instagram as well as viewing and purchasing art online at the Da Vic Gallery.

So, this funny and talented and strong Ojibway artist needs some help. Shaun always keeps his sense of humour, but I think it’s a bit harder to do when times get tough.

Shaun has been working hard through the pandemic, keeping his kiddos entertained, keeping everybody fed, and keeping up with creativity. But he’s been feeling off. He’s been in the hospital, trying to figure out what’s wrong; trying to find answers. He beat lymphoma a few years ago but sometimes that kind of nastiness sneaks back.

Hopefully that is not the case this time! but whatever the problem, Shaun is humbly asking for support during this time of need. The kiddos still need food after all. Bills need to be paid.

If you’re able to donate, please click over to Shaun’s GoFundMe. If you are unable to donate, you can also help my spreading the word.

He has reached his goal but it was a small goal. Every bit of financial relief will help during these uncertain times.

Stay strong friend. Keep fighting the fight. The world needs you.

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