Last year I wrote about Angela. She had just had some serious open heart surgery and was busy recovering her strength and health. She was also pretty busy inspiring people.

Angela’s feeling pretty good these days: strong, capable, and definitely still busy. She’s been spending her time working from home, prepping her own wedding plans (which is coming up in 2021), and making lots of art.

She also decorated her very own art studio!

Congratulations to you Angela!

We really need to peek inside this studio….

Oh Hello, Angela! This looks like a pretty welcoming space…
Who’s this? A friend named Mark! Angela has seating available for friends and customers!
The couch looks emptier without that friend named Mark. But it sure looks classy with one of Angela’s creations on the wall!
Another comfortable spot, surrounded by beautiful plants!
The coffee and tea station!
It’s all about the details. A handmade throw rug made by Angela’s grandmother! This is all blue-jean and clothing scraps!
Personal touches are what turn a simple studio into a comfortable retreat.
A wall of art. Angela is so talented (the largest painting here is by another artist) and this is all available for purchase!
A special bouquet! This is not for sale!
The wall of ribbon! All this ribbon is magically transformed into beautiful decorations, art, and keepsakes!
Flower bouquets and painted glassware. These treasures are also available for purchase!
The artist is hard at work!

One day, several months ago, Angela told me she was going to find herself a studio space. I never imagined that the end result would be quite so fantastic!

A busy artist at work is always so inspirational. Angela didn’t just find a studio. She created a personal sanctuary and a relaxing oasis.

This studio is not just a studio. It’s a huge accomplishment and a major milestone. I’m so proud of Angela and how hard she works. It’s truly a joy to watch my fellow artists blossom and bloom and reach up to touch the sun.

Reach for the sun, you beautiful flower!

Get in tough with Angela if you’d like to talk about flower bouquets. She’s no stranger to custom work and no stranger to creating long lasting beauty.

Her amazing art can be found on Instagram and Facebook. There is also a website!

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