Is there even a point in writing about Luc?

I’m going to say… no. Not really. This guy doesn’t need any help with publicity! He’s established himself as an incredibly talented and sought after artist in Thunder Bay. He certainly doesn’t need MY help.

Having said that, the last time I saw Luc in person, he stood there and let me take this picture.

And then I lost the picture.

But I just found it again! It’s a sign that I should talk about Luc!

Doesn’t he look like Thunder Bay’s most special sweetheart??


Oh… right… right…

He is not a sweetheart.

He’s a sassy and sarcastic Francophone fella who’s been rolling his eyes at me for about twenty-five years now. He rolled his eyes at me back when he was my school teacher and I think they just kept rolling.

As an aside, I happen to know that Luc’s wife is totally a sweetheart though. She was also my teacher and I looooooved her. She and Luc also have a couple kids; they may or may not be sweethearts.

Now… I don’t know exactly when Luc stopped teaching. I know he told me, but I had tuned him out by that point, as I often do.

Why should I listen to him if he’s not my teacher anymore? That’s just silly.

But he’s definitely a full time artist now, that much I know! For several years at least. Like majorly full time artist, with employees and everything.

Luc makes wonderful welded works of art, some simple, some elaborate, all customized exactly to the customer’s specifications. He works out of a big beautiful well-equipped workshop in his backyard, which is also decorated with amazing Luc-made artwork and sculpture.

I’ve even seen the workshop and the backyard with my own eyes a couple times. It wasn’t creepy at all! There were three other people there and I was spared any direct eye rolling (though I could see it happening in my peripheral vision).

And let me tell you something: all these amazing metal sculptures almost make up for having to have an actual conversation with the artist!

Di and Scotia, two of ‘my people’ model Luc’s armour at a Derelicte event

So yeah!

That’s a bit about Luc.

I’m going to post this and wait and see how long it takes for him to message me a bunch of colourful French curse words.

Please visit Luc’s Facebook page or website for information about pricing, commissions, and beautiful pictures of his amazing work.

He even wears his own swag:

What a guy!

I guess he is kiiiiind of a sweetheart.

Kind of.

(He won’t read this far, he’ll never even know I said that!)

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